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Our Working Method

With our approach, organizing becomes a breeze. Volendam Events is the first event agency in Volendam, and with thousands of guided visitors over the years, we have become a reliable specialist. Our experience has made organizing a unique day in Volendam just a few clicks away. Since our customers always appreciate the simplicity, we are happy to outline the booking process fully and transparently:

1. Choose an outing

Choose an outing that suits your group. In the menu under 'all outings,' you will find all our options categorized.

2. Request a quote or book directly

When requesting a quote, you will receive an email within 24 hours with a price per person. For groups of 20 or more, you qualify for a group discount. Fill in your details and send the request with one click. You can also specify if you want to add or omit elements under 'special requests.' For direct booking, you will receive an email within 24 hours with the reservation, invitation, and directions, leading you straight to step 4. We also offer the option to create a custom package using our custom form.

3. Confirm the quote

Upon agreement, confirm the quote with one click. If you later wish to change the program, that's no problem. Indicate the change in the emailed quote and send it back for adjustment. You will then quickly receive a new quote by email.

4. We look forward to seeing you

We will send you an invitation with directions. Since unforeseen circumstances can always occur, you can change the final number of participants up to two weeks before the event.

5. Payment (by bank transfer in advance or cash on the day

For bank transfers, you will receive an invoice four weeks in advance. Payment must be made at least two weeks in advance. For cash payments, bring the amount on the day and pay the total amount upon arrival to the guide. Alternative payment methods can be arranged upon request.

6. Experience Volendam

The day has arrived! We have everything perfectly arranged. We are eager to welcome and personally guide you. Volendam awaits you. See you soon!

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