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About Volendam Events

Volendam Events is ready to welcome you.

We developed our own unique packages, featuring activities on and around the Dike in Volendam, in the enchanting Maze, on the waters of the IJsselmeer, along hidden walking paths, and in the most convivial venues.

Our enthusiasm and creativity have resulted in a versatile range of day trips, half-day outings, and individual activities that you can combine to your heart's content. Our themes cover a wide spectrum: musical, inspiring, informative, adventurous, creative, or culinary. Always just a little different. Better, more fun, crazier, and more original. This way, we ensure an experience that leaves an indelible impression on you and your group.

Volendam is unique and has been attracting visitors from all over the world for decades. It offers an ideal setting for a successful day out. Moreover, the people you meet make the day a success. Our team embodies Volendam. We live here. We know the history, the gossip, the news. We personally know the hosts and hostesses of every package and workshop. Nowhere else will you find a team so involved in your event or day out as with us. That makes an important difference.

The intense Volendam experience we offer, combined with original and expertly crafted activities, results in the day out you want to organize for your group: a memorable day.

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