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Bike Rental Volendam

Bike rental Volendam? Volendam Events has been renting out bicycles for over 15 years. Whether you want to rent a bike with friends, family or colleagues. We offer the perfect bike for every group. At Volendam Events, you can rent a bicycle, e-bike, tandem or other bike quickly, easily and at low cost.

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Explore Volendam by bike with bicycle rental in Volendam

Explore Volendam and its surroundings on a bike? Together with friends, family or colleagues, discover the most beautiful spots of Volendam and its surroundings. You will have the right pace to properly absorb the surroundings while cycling. You will see everything pass by in peace. You will not easily forget the cosy Volendam dike, the harbour, but also the surroundings of Volendam. Apart from that, cycling is of course also very good for your health. You are moving and often feel better after a light physical activity.

Rent the perfect bike quickly, easily and at low cost

Which bike suits you best? With bike rental in Volendam, anything is possible! Rent the perfect bike in Volendam. Will you choose the standard bike with at least 7 gears to explore Volendam and its surroundings? Or is the e-bike more up your alley? Prefer a tandem with colleagues, family, friends? Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and unwind. Cycling is great for your health and socialising. Because let's face it. The chatting and laughing will continue while cycling!

Rent an electric bike: no headwind ever again

You probably recognise it: you cycle round a corner and suddenly find yourself on a long straight road with a headwind. Well, you're in luck with the e-bike. Because the e-bike gives that little boost that makes you ride relaxed. In the beautiful surroundings of Volendam, Edam, Zeevang, Monnickendam and Marken, you can make wonderful cycling trips. An e-bike has more advantages. You can easily cycle long distances and you know for sure that everyone can keep up. And not unimportantly: the e-bike is easy to use! Do you prefer a standard bicycle or tandem? At Volendam Events, this is also possible!

Tandem rental in Volendam

Are you looking for a fun tandem ride through Volendam and its surroundings? At Volendam Events you can book the nicest tandem rides. Two people on one bike. That is something different. It is not only useful when someone in the group cannot cycle properly, but it can also be a nice alternative during a cycling trip. You can choose from different routes. For instance, a cycling route through Volendam and Edam or a route from Volendam to Marken. The tandem tour is also fun to combine with a photo in costume, boat trip, lunch or dinner. Take a look at our packages and get inspired. Which tandem tour do you prefer?

Rent a scooter for a quiet ride through the polders

Want to spend a day touring on a scooter instead of a bicycle? Rent an electric scooter and explore Volendam and its surroundings in all comfort. Because the scooter is electric, you will not be bothered by the noise or smell like a standard scooter. We have several routes available for you. Want to go to Edam? Or would you rather go to Monnickendam or Marken? Not a problem! From Marken, you also can hop on the scooter. The routes are easy to combine with a drink or lunch on a cosy terrace.